This blog is a combination of baseball photos and negatives from my own collection — often snapshots, as that is a particular interest of mine — and ones I have come across online, usually from various archives (which I will always do my best to credit), as well as baseball-related images that are not necessarily actual photographs — things like advertisements, comics, team photos from yearbooks, etc. I will include some information (and occasionally commentary) when it is available, but often will simply reproduce the images. Additionally, my focus will be much broader than major league-related subjects. As mentioned above, I have a strong interest in snapshots — or what sometimes is called vernacular photography — and I love photos of the sport as it has played out over time in the lives of everyday people and non-professional players.

I grew up in Los Angeles a Dodger fan, live not far from the Stadium today, and still play baseball at the age of 49. The sport has been a truly magical part of American history and culture, and I hope this collection of images will bring some enjoyment to people who appreciate its past.

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